The Devil in the Details of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

February 27, 2013

Caution, Illegal Immigration

Odd that if you repeat something enough, people actually start believing it despite facts that prove the opposite is actually true.

Since the election of President Barrack Obama, Americans have witnessed this phenomenon on a grand scale.  Day after day, we’ve watched the main stream media join in lock step with the current administration to bring about the total transformation of our nation.

Most disturbing is the determination by some Republicans to grant amnesty, legal status and a pathway to citizenship to millions of uneducated and undereducated illegal aliens.  The end result of such action will turn our formerly exceptional nation into a North American version of neighboring Third World countries.

Hours after Romney’s defeat in 2012 the main stream media tossed out the poisonous bait to the GOP leadership and they swallowed it – hook, line and sinker.  The bait is the great lie that America is unable to secure its borders or enforce its long standing immigration laws so American citizens must shut their mouths and witness their nation’s “inevitable changing demographics.”  Inevitable?  Only if our government continues down the path it is on – allowing the unarmed invasion that has been going on now for several decades.

America possesses not only the right but also the knowledge and technology to stop this nonsense immediately IF only our elected officials have the backbone and desire to speak the truth and act accordingly.   Do they?

Many Republican party elites, party leaders (at all levels), and big business owners/donors jumped on the Democrat amnesty bandwagon to give 11, 20, or 30+ million illegal aliens residing in our country legal status and a pathway to citizenship.  The truth is that those numbers will be much greater when chain migration is factored in.

So who is leading this insane suicide mission the GOP has launched?  

At the front of the pack are corporations and “Big Business” — more specifically, Republicans who got their tail ends handed to them in 2007 when the grassroots successfully rose up and killed President Bush’s attempt to force “comprehensive immigration reform” upon rule-of-law American citizens.

Since that 2007 defeat the group has been working overtime to convince lesser informed party voters and GOP leaders (at all levels) that the party must abandon its traditional Republican rule-of-law stance on immigration in order to win the Hispanic/Latino vote and future elections.  Few seem to know that history does not support that line of thought.

U.S. census stats reveal that the majority of our illegal aliens come from countries south of our border.   While immigrants from other parts of the world tend to vote Democrat once granted American citizenship, a review of Hispanic/Latino voting patterns is vital in relation to predicted demographic shifts in America and upcoming election outcomes.

To those who have been following this debate and reviewing the facts about voting patterns of Hispanics/Latinos in America over the past 32 years it is hard to call the actions of the Republican leadership anything other than utterly stupid.

Since it seems many people in our nation appear to lack common sense when it comes to critical thinking, rule-of-law Americans across the nation should be asking the following two common sense questions as they consider and discuss this extremely serious issue:

First, if there was any remote possibility that the proposed amnestied 11 – 30+ million illegal aliens would vote for Republicans do you honestly think the Democrats would be working so hard to give them amnesty and eventually the right to vote?

Secondly, based on historical stats – why would any dedicated Republican Party leader support an action that ultimately would deliver millions of new Democrat voters for decades to come while perpetuating Republican defeats?

Obviously, the Democrats would not be working so hard to give legal status/path to citizenship/amnesty or anything else to 11 – 30+ million new people if they were in any way inclined to become Republican voters!  Hello Republicans – anyone home?

Stats indicate that America’s Hispanics/Latinos in general (and immigrant populations) vote DEMOCRAT – not Republican.

Statistics on voting patterns compiled by the Pew Hispanic Center, the Center for Immigration Studies and others have provided compelling data that must be considered.

The following excerpts from a November 8, 2012 Center for Immigration Studies article by Ronald W. Mortensen, entitled “Hispanics Were Democrats Long Before Illegal Immigration Became an Issue”  should give one reason to wonder who is doing the homework for the GOP on this issue:

“… pro-illegal-immigrant elements of the Republican Party fail to acknowledge that for at least the last nine elections, Hispanics have voted heavily in favor of Democratic presidential candidates over Republican candidates by an average of 64 percent to 31 percent, as shown by data compiled by the Pew Hispanic Center.”

Year Democrat Republican
1980/Reagan/Carter) 56% 35%
1984 (Reagan/Mondale) 61% 37%
1988 (Bush/Dukakis) 69% 30%
1992 (Bush/Clinton) 61% 25%
1996 (Dole/Clinton) 72% 21%
2000 (Bush/Gore) 62% 35%
2004 (Bush/Kerry) 58% 40%
2008 (Obama/McCain) 67% 31%
2012 (Obama/Romney) 71% 27%
Average 64% 31%

Article excerpts provide additional insight on several of the referenced elections in response to a Wall Street Journal article absurdly suggesting Romney lost the 2012 election because of his stance on illegal immigration:

 “The expulsion crowd at the Journal never acknowledges the fact that pro-amnesty, “comprehensive immigration reform” leader John McCain (R-Ariz.), was rejected by 67 percent of Hispanic voters, that 72 percent of Hispanics voted against Bob Dole, that 69 percent voted against the elder Bush and that 62 percent voted against the younger Bush. So, it could be argued that Romney’s “tough” illegal immigration stance cost him only 4 percentage points of the Hispanic vote as opposed to that of McCain and that he actually picked up 6 points over Dole and 2 points more than Bush senior did.

“The bottom line is that Hispanics are largely Democrats and they don’t swing their support to pro-illegal-immigration Republicans such as McCain and or even to Bush senior, who was vice president at the time of the 1986 amnesty”.

 “In fact, after the 1986 amnesty was signed by President Reagan, the Hispanic vote for the Democratic presidential candidate (Michael Dukakis) in the next election increased by 8 percent. After McCain attempted to push through another amnesty, Hispanic support for the Democratic candidate (Barrack Obama) in the next presidential election increased by 9 percent over that received by John Kerry in the previous presidential election.”

Still have doubts as to the likelihood of future massive declines in Republican Party victories should another amnesty pass?   If so I encourage you to read an article entitled,  “Immigration, Political Realignment, and the Demise of Republican Political Prospects” by James G. Gimpel.

It certainly appears that many “Big Business” Republicans and GOP leaders could care less about the America they leave to our children and grandchildren.  If they did, they would be leading the charge for America to choose the best and brightest immigrants for legal and orderly entry into our nation.  Instead, they are doing the exact opposite.

If you value the America you grew up in, do your homework and Seek the Truth on the issue of illegal immigration.   Then … Share the Truth with you friends, neighbors, elected officials, b­­­­­­­­­usiness owners and anyone else who will listen.  Last but not least … continue to Stand for Truth and pray God gives us the strength to prevail in the battle for America’s survival.

TURNCOATS among us? Part II

TURNCOATS among us?  

 Part II in a series leading up to the most important vote Texas House members will cast this Legislative Session


As we move closer towards the opening of the 83rd Texas legislative session on January 8, 2013 it is time for the gloves to come off!

Amazingly, some of the “Texas 15” who stood on PRINCIPLE in 2011 and voted against the MODERATE Joe Straus for House Speaker seem to have lost their way and have made all sorts of excuses as to why  in 2013  Joe Straus is now the champion of true CONSERVATIVE values.

My most favorite of the absurd excuses is the one about Straus dangling committee chairmanships in front of their noses and the reasoning that with such power they will be able to get their conservative legislation passed.  Really people?   It seems some  have forgotten about a little thing called the “Calendars Committee” which Joe Straus will NEVER give up control of via his favorite moderate leaning liberal lieutenants.   So no matter what legislation any of the “Turncoats” may get through their committees – the Calendars Committee Chair really controls the ball and in their heart of hearts they know that truth.   The Reps who use that excuse are either delusional, void of common sense, or flat out lying to themselves and their constituents.

For those who are apparently suffering from amnesia, it is time they are reminded how a REAL conservative (like Rep. David Simpson) speaks and acts when it comes to issues that are important to us.

In case they’ve forgotten, those issues include things such as LIFE, ending TSA groping, illegal immigration, the Budget Compact,  and now we can add law enforcement molestation of travelers on Texas highways!   You know –  the issues many of the wavering CONSERVATIVE Reps led their constituents to believe they would fight tooth and nail for if they were re-elected.

For instance,  now some say Straus is REALLY pro-life since he didn’t kill the sonogram legislation in 2011.  Of course he really had no choice after Sen. Dan Patrick put him on the spot at the 2011 Texas Rally for Life when he made the comment about the great Texas pro-life leadership (Perry and Dewhurst) then almost choked on his tongue when he realized he had to mention  Straus too!

Now, in less than two short years Straus made the following comments in the recent 12/12/12 Texas Tribune Article:

“Asked about a so-called fetal pain measure to ban abortions after 20 weeks, legislation touted on Tuesday by Gov. Rick Perry, Straus declined to say whether he would support it, but strongly implied that he doesn’t view the proposal as a priority.”

NOT A PRIORITY – really Joe?

Then we have the big CONSERVATIVE (??) Joe Straus speaking out on the extremely important TSA anti-groping bill that Rep. Simpson introduced and championed throughout the 82nd session.  Read the stark differences between how these two men view the groping of our children, our elderly (and often very ill) parents, our citizens in general and then tell me who has moral clarity when it comes to protecting the INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS of Texans:

Excerpts from Houston Chronicle article quoting remarks from Speaker Straus on Rep. Simpson’s TSA anti-groping bill:  “House Speaker Joe Straus on Friday called an “anti-groping” bill favored by Gov. Rick Perry a “publicity stunt” and said he would not allow it to come up for a vote as written.

The legislation, which would criminalize invasive airport security pat-downs, would turn Texas “into a laughingstock,” said Straus, R-San Antonio, after abruptly adjourning the House for lack of a quorum for the second time this week.”

PUBLICITY STUNT?  Turn Texas into a laughingstock? 

For any intelligent human who is not on the take for the goodies Speaker Straus is handing out, those remarks (to say the least) are insulting.  Maybe Joe doesn’t mind his fellow Texans (young, elderly and sick) being humiliated and groped but several of his fellow elected officials understand the severity of this growing assault on the rights of Texans and they are willing speak out.

Then we have the remarks of Rep. David Simpson featured in this article:

“The author of House Bill 41, Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview), says it was never his intent to create a publicity stunt.

‘This is about freedom. It’s about dignity. It’s about the people being able to travel freely without being humiliated. This bill being struck down makes a mockery of those people,’ Simpson said.”

So, who do you trust to protect our individual freedoms, the prosperity of future generations of Texans, the unborn who are murdered daily because people like Joe Straus don’t consider them “worthy” in HIS list of priorities for protection?

One can only imagine how unconcerned he will be about the newest threat to the dignity and constitutional rights of women traveling Texas highways now that the Texas DPS has decided that body cavity searches on the side of the road are their latest tool of intimidation for travelers guilty of the “crime” of throwing cigarettes out their car windows.

For those who ran as CONSERVATIVES during the last election,  if they cast their vote for Straus as House Speaker in 2013 they are really going to have a hard time putting lipstick on that pig come GOP primary time. 

You know what they say, “In November We Will Remember.”  Of course,  they are hearing that from the Straus’  big money circles as well so I’d say they have some serious soul searching to do.

When they cast that vote on January 8th, they can either go down as a person who stood on principle with honor for what is right OR they can go down in flames as a Turncoat who helped destroy the once Great State of Texas.

Looks like the ball is in their court BUT we will be there with boots on the ground to shine a bright light on the outcome of the most important vote in the 83rd session of the Texas legislature!




















TURNCOATS among us?

TURNCOATS among us?

 Part I in a series leading up to the most important vote Texas House members will cast this Legislative Session 


 As the 83rd Texas Legislative Session looms on the horizon, the Showdown for the Texas House Speaker begins to take form.

The 2011 session gave Texas Tea Party conservatives a glimpse of the past.   A time when elected leaders were actually guided by moral clarity and PRINCIPLE – what a concept!

On January 11, 2011,  15 Texas Representatives were guided more by their heart than by their campaign coffers OR their egos.   For that conviction they were honored by their fellow conservatives and Texas Tea Party supporters.    How refreshing it was that day to believe that at least in the Great State of Texas, 15 elected Representatives took a stand for what was BEST for future generations of Texans and not their own personal gain.

The “Texas 15 – Hall Courage” was launched by WomenOnTheWall.Org in 2011 to signify a step towards ending the corruption in the Texas House.    Many true conservatives were proud to honor those who took a stand.     That day – that vote,  showed Texans  that there were still men and women in office who believed in Judeo-Christian principles, the Constitution, LIFE,  the rule-of-law, and  responsible/accountable/transparent government.   With their votes, the “Texas 15” were no longer just politicians.   On that day, they represented the fighting spirit of the Texas Tea Party by taking a stand to draw a line in the sand against power and corruption.

The “Texas 15” and the rest of the Republican House members (a/k/a  RINOS) who cast those memorable votes for Texas House Speaker in 2011 will live on for decades in the history of the Texas Legislature.

Odd,  what a difference a few years can have on one’s view of reality.   How quickly people in  power forget how they got where they are OR where their loyalty should rest!  How easily they lose sight of the fact that their constituents elected them to do what will keep Texas strong and prosperous  for future generations and not what might make THEM more important for the moment.

Straus will NEVER forgive  anyone who voted against him in 2011 – EVER!   Sure, he may “make nice” by granting coveted committee appointments to some but that is as far as it will go.

As we now know, talk is cheap – especially the talk of  Texas House Speaker Joe Straus!   Given the recent Texas redistricting retribution against key Texas conservative Representatives (like Rep.  Wayne Christian, Rep. Jim Landtroop, and Rep. Erwin Cain) it is hard to understand why ANY of the 2011 “Texas 15” would ever even entertain the thought of supporting a man like Straus.

Amazing how the Speaker referenced retribution as unacceptable behavior as he took to the microphone to gloat about his re-election in 2011.    It appears retribution is only unacceptable behavior when it comes from the grassroots who oppose him.  Emails prove that different rules seem to apply to the Speaker’s team and his cronies.   The recent article in The Dallas Morning News by Bob Garrett, stated that three (3) of the “Texas 15”  were defeated which is not entirely accurate.  All of the referenced defeats were  due to REDISTRICTING RETRIBUTION by Joe Straus – payback for their votes against him in 2011.   Specifically, Rep. Erin Cain decided not to run against his fellow House member Dan Flynn once they were paired in redistricting.

Speaking of redistricting retribution (and don’t forget legislation woes) – it seems the Democrats have a similar tunes they are singing about their old friend Joe.   Texans from both sides of the aisle seem to desire reform and transparency in the people’s House.

Even if  Straus attempted to lure his 2011 defectors back to his camp with key committee chair positions, could any of the “Texas 15” possibly believe for one moment that he would allow them to successfully pass ANY vital conservative legislation that they truly care about?   To simplify things, the answer is NO and if any think otherwise they should be booted out of office.

While many will hold up the 2011 Sonogram legislation passage as an example of how far Straus has come in his “pro-life walk,” The Texas Tribune a few days ago referenced his response when he was asked about the passage of a “fetal pain measure” Gov. Perry has been touting.  The Tribune reported,  “… Straus declined to say whether he would support it, but strongly implied that he doesn’t view the proposal as a priority.”   REALLY – not a priority!!   Legislation which would ban abortions after 20 weeks isn’t considered a “priority” by our “pro-life” Speaker who was endorsed by the main pro-life groups in Texas?  Something doesn’t pass the smell test here folks.  On that note, for all of the other members of  the Texas House who ran as pro-life candidates – a serious gut check best be in order before casting a vote for Joe as House Speaker.  Much more on this subject in the Part 2 so check back for more exciting examples.

I suppose some will speculate as to how Straus might treat any “Turncoat” of  the “Texas 15” who cast their vote for him as Speaker in 2013.   There is no speculation as to how the Texas Tea Party nation and true conservatives across Texas would react to any such “Turncoat” – rest assured they would move to a priority position in the list of legislators to unseat in 2014.

You see, it is really pretty simple!    A candidate can’t claim to be a true conservative one year while electioneering and then decide after they are elected that everything they professed was ingrained in their heart (and ours) was really not important or worth fighting for after all.

The Texas Legislature did not arrive at its current state of corruption in one session … or two – it will not be corrected in one or two.    It will be a long slug fest but well worth the fight and Texas Representatives have been given a real warrior to lead the troops in 2013.  Voting for Straus clearly is not an option for any of the “Texas 15.”

Again, Texas Representatives are faced with the 2011 battle cry, “Conservative Speaker OR Your Seat.”   They should  seriously take that promise to heart.

Frankly speaking, to true conservatives – “Turncoats” are far worse that RINOS could ever be!

(Updated: 12/14/12)


Thanks Rep. Berman for again taking a stand for “We The People” of Texas!

Over the past several months we  have witnessed a  grassroots “uprising” in Texas thanks to the Texas House “Speaker’s Showdown.”  The Co-Founders of Women on the Wall were proud to take a stand with fellow grassroots activists across this great State.   We have many to thank for what WOW contributed to this battle.  First, Rob Hurlburt for his brilliant creation Texas House “Speaker Showdown” (in various versions) and those who donated to help pay for  it to air on TV in key Texas districts leading up to the January 11th vote.  

Among those walking the halls and grounds of the Capitol with us the past two days were  Texas Tea Party leaders/members,  immigration activists,  and many members of the Texas GOP leadership.   We were all unified in our steadfast opposition to the re-election of Joe Straus as House Speaker. 

Yesterday was truly a sad day for Texas as many in the current  body of  House Representatives completely shunned the desires of a vast number of their constituents.   Once again, Texans have Representative Leo Berman to thank for standing his ground  on principle and demanding a floor vote.  He will take a lot of heat from his fellow Representatives as his action helped to “out” the Republicans who were so desperately trying to avoid a floor vote!    This is not the first time Representative Berman has done the right thing for Texas in spite of the unpleasant consequences that follow. 

The “Speaker’s Race” was a horse of a different color to most  Texans.  The biggest obstacle activist groups faced was trying to explain the importance of  this previously understated event to those outside the loop.   While that aspect of the “Oust Straus” effort was challenging, explaining the importance of defeating huge numbers of those who voted for Joe Straus WILL NOT be a difficult task moving forward.  

During the run up to the Republican primaries, we have ample time to get our message out to the voters and we have a large number of very upset Texans organized and well connected to follow through.  We have Resolute Media and the many sponsors who helped coordinate and fund the hospitality/staging area for the Capitol events to thank for making sure months of coordinated efforts ended on a productive note  — no matter what the outcome of the vote.   Rest assured,  time and money will not be an obstacle once our networks have identified qualified challengers to those who chose the wrong path! 

If anything, the arrogance and corruption we witnessed at the “People’s House” January 10th and 11th was much worse than most of us imagined.  While many political operatives, bloggers, and media organizations try to portray the grassroots anti-Straus movement as a failure, our promise is:  SEE YOU IN 2012 — We Will Remember!!

NEW .30 “Speaker Showdown” TV Ad to Air During Holiday Season!

Take a look a the newest version of the TREMENDOUS .30 second Texas House “Speaker’s Showdown” ad which will be aired over the holiday season leading up to the January 11, 2011 vote for Speaker. 

Be sure and share this link with your contacts and ask them to view the link, comment on the ad and most importantly — FORWARD it to their friends!!

This fight is NOT over and we are certain we will have a “true” conservative as House leader in 2011.   Now is the time to STAND!

The Texas Race for LIFE

There are so many reasons why conservative activists in Texas refuse to accept Joe Straus as Texas House Speaker during the 2011 Texas legislative session.    The man simply does not have the fighting spirit and goes to extremes to avoid conflict.  Not a very good combination given the HUGE battles facing the Texas legislature on issues most true conservatives consider worthy of all out war.     

If you doubt me, consider Straus’ quotes from several Evan Smith interviews (Texas Monthly & Texas Tribune) concerning the the 2009 “do nothing” legislative session. 

In the January 16, 2009 Texas Monthly interview, Smith pressed Straus on important issues to the “right” saying, “On abortion you are often described as a pro-choice Republican — True or False?”  Straus responded with what I consider a truly astonishing statement: 

“Oh, I kinda get tired of the pro-choice / pro-life thing.  I take issues one at a time. … What I do reject though is this intense negative campaigning over wedge issues and I really — I’m a pass the budget and go home conservative (not to label myself again).  I really don’t enjoy the endless debate over things that are meant for campaign fodder.” 

WHAT —  did he really just equate important LIFE issues (abortion in particular) to “campaign fodder”? 

While most of us are not surprised that candidates are often deceptive while campaigning, it amazes me that he continues to try to convince true pro-life conservatives that he’s on our side AFTER receiving a 100% NARAL rating.   

Then there is the clever way Straus tries to cover this tail by praising Planned Parenthood for all the great work they do on “women’s health issues” while TOTALLY discounting the fact that a big part of their “family planning” services result in aborting babies.   Excuse me … are there really not other organizations that Straus and his wife could support that provide health services to women WITHOUT providing abortions? 

Straus really puts the “Mac” in Machiavelli!

Texas finally has a super majority of Republicans serving in the House and many of those Republicans campaigned as pro-life conservatives.  This session may well be our last chance to get an ultrasound bill passed in Texas and true conservatives simply are not willing to take a chance on Joe Straus based on his own words and his disturbing nature to avoid conflict. 

MILLIONS of lives can be saved with the passage of a good Texas ultrasound bill.  While we truly are NOW THE MAJORITY in the Texas House, we need someone who will be a strong leader and fight for us. 

If history repeats itself (and it will) Republicans will manage to mess up the overwhelming victory they’ve been given and in all likihood the margins will shift again in 2012.    Time is not on our side and we don’t have the luxury of HOPING for CHANGE in the Straus style of leadership. 

Texans are DEMANDING a true conservative who understands the stakes and is willing to take risks to deliver victories on the most imporant issues of our time. 

Time to say goodbye to the “good ‘old boy”  backroom deals in Austin and the Speaker bribes of sessions past!   If House members are smart, they will take the path of Rep. Randy Weber and survive the next Republican primary season.   Based on this past election, I think all members would be wise to reconsider the nonsense about “honoring their pledge to the Speaker” and remember the people who brought them to the dance in the first place!

Why the Texas House Speaker’s Race Should Concern You!

by Rebecca Forest


Texas politics is interesting to say the least!

If you are one of the many women in Texas who worked hard to get “true” conservatives elected during the 2010 election, the Texas House Speaker’s race is another election you need to pay attention to and weigh in on.

In 2009, Rep. Joe Straus [R – San Antonio] was elected to serve as Texas House Speaker – an EXTREMELY powerful position in the Texas Legislature.

It only takes 76 votes to be elected as House Speaker and unless you keep up with the inner workings of the Texas Legislature, you probably don’t know that Rep. Straus rose to power because he initially got the support of 65 DEMOCRATS and 11 RINOs (Republican in Name Only).

Straus showed his true colors during the 2009 session!

After getting the early support of 65 Democrats, it was no surprise when he appointed liberal Democrats & flaming RINOs to chair key committees such as Ways & Means, Border & Intergovernmental Affairs, Business & Industry, State Affairs, Elections … the list goes on and on!

It is no wonder vitally important bills dealing with immigration, voter ID, and pro-life issues never saw the light of day because they died in committee.  Shame, shame, shame on Joe Straus and his minions!

During a Texas Tribune interview, Joe Straus said (over and over) that he had NO REGRETS about the 2009 (do nothing) session!

Joe may not have any regrets but conservatives across Texas are FURIOUS that he spent more time worrying about the “mood, tone, and working conditions” of the legislature rather than working to make sure important legislation made it to the House floor for our elected Representatives to vote on.

Activists across Texas are networking  to make sure this session a “true” conservative is elected as Texas House Speaker.  The Texas Tea Parties did a GREAT job helping to deliver some real conservatives to the Texas Legislature BUT if Joe Straus remains speaker, all of that hard work will be in vain.

Those of us at Women on the Wall will be working overtime during the holidays to help educate Texans on this important issue and make sure the failures of last session are not repeated in 2011.

The vote for Texas House Speaker is the first vote of the session which occurs on January 11, 2011.

Please make sure our recent election gains are not lost!  Contact your Representative TODAY and tell him/her you want a “true” conservative as House Speaker in 2011 and to do their part to deliver one on January 11, 2011.  There will be a price to pay for not doing so!

Stay tuned,  check back soon and help spread the word.