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“Tale of 2 TX Senators & the TX Fetal Pain Bill”

Released/Published: 7/2/13
Warning:  Some images may not be suitable for children.



A 2010 TX Campaign supported by Women On The Wall  to Defeat 7 TX Pro-Abortion U.S. Representatives who support the awful practice of partial birth abortion with 7 True Conservative Pro-Life Candidates who strongly oppose the barbaric & inhumane practice. Though all 7 were not defeated in 2010, the fight has just begun and we will continue the fight to defeat TX elected officials who support partial birth abortion until we succeed. Join the battle to protect the most innocent among us.

Warning: Some images may not be suitable for children.







Dr. Donna Campbell’s Pro-Life Challenge

“Dr. Donna Campbell’s Passionate Plea for Life”

Click HERE to view an additional written Spanish translation of “Dr. Donna Campbell’s PASSIONATE Plea for Life.”

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