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If your heart aches as you read about Pro-Choice supporters advocating for the abortion of the unborn because they are the “wrong” gender OR because a test has determined they have some form of physical or mental disability you are likely an Extremist For LIFE (“E4L”)

Every day we watch as State Legislatures across America pass legislation that remove previous restrictions on abortion.  Many elected leaders and individuals in the Pro-Choice movement are actually moving toward “abortion” up until birth OR providing an option of withholding life-saving care to a baby (after birth) if the mother does not “want” her baby.

Abortion is often the suggested “solution” to the devastating news that a mother’s unborn child may have (or has) a birth defect that might affect his/her quality of life.  When a mother is told the continuation of her pregnancy may endanger her own life abortion is the physician’s likely “option” to save the mother even when the unborn baby  is viable and could very likely survive outside the mother’s womb.

While every situation is unique, these 3 Texas families decided that abortion was not an option when they learned of their daughter’s serious medical conditions and the danger they themselves faced.  Instead of abortion  –  they chose LIFE.

Each of them put their faith in God and celebrated the blessing they were given – regardless of what the final outcome might be.  Blessings come in many different ways and some are with us longer than others,  Though many would have viewed these little baby girls as an inconvenience or a risk to big to take, these families saw each as a beautifully perfect gift from God.

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