Why Are We “Extremists For LIFE”?

Why Are We “Extremists for LIFE”?

….Meet Bethany Smith!


Women On The Wall™ {“WOW”) is grateful that Texas stepped up to protect the lives of babies in the womb – the most vulnerable among us.

You may be wondering WHY we would be “grateful” given all the recent battles concerning Kate Cox’s desire to terminate her pregnancy due to the devastating Trisomy 18 diagnosis she received for the baby she was carrying.

Why?   For starters, the glorious story of Bethany Smith!  We know (for a fact) that Doctors DO make mistakes and tests are not always accurate.  Though Bethany’s parents were encouraged to abort her due to the diagnosis of Spina Bifida, that was not to be the end of God’s story for her.   Bethany graduated from Baylor University, goes snow skiing with her family, and has travelled internationally to help other disabled individuals overseas.

If you only scan the headlines and rely on social media as your main news source, you’d likely believe Ms. Cox had no other alternative than to have her pregnancy terminated in Texas.   However, there are many States willing to perform abortions and there’s no shortage of Pro-Abortion organizations, supporters (and even many employers) willing to assist Texas women with the expense of traveling to less restrictive States to terminate their pregnancy.

Ms. Cox was able to travel to another State to have the procedure and many other women have been (and will be) able to do the same due to the funding support offered by the Pro-Abortion advocates and organizations throughout the nation.

We expect the legal battles to continue in Texas over the issue of LIFE and Kate Cox’s case is just the most recent.  There will be others in addition to those currently filed, due to the number of Pro-Abortion advocates who believe there should be little to no restrictions on abortion in any State in America.

WOW supported (and still supports) the fact that now, each State has the ability to decide how they want to handle this very controversial and important issue.   People can now choose to live in a State that aligns more closely with their Pro-Abortion or Pro-Life beliefs if that is an issue of major importance to them.

This issue is extremely close to our hearts given our personal knowledge of (and relationships with) the initial families featured in our Takeup.Org / Women On The Wallco-produced Extremists For Life project.

WE firmly believe God is in control of EVERY LIFE!

In HIS eyes, every baby is important and each one matters – regardless of how big or small OR how perfect or imperfect they appear.  To HIM they all are beautifully and wonderfully made regardless of how us mere humans may see them.

We understand that Mothers (in particular) may find that a very difficult concept to believe (or even begin to comprehend) when faced with the knowledge that they may give birth to a child with a very serious and extremely disabling (perhaps even life-threatening) condition yet, HE is not caught by surprise!

God has a purpose for each and every baby – regardless of how they arrive on this earth or how long they remain.  Certainly, there are many more powerfully important and beautiful stories like the ones we’ve chosen to focus on initially.

Odd how the experience of holding your first grandson, born sleeping (stillborn) at 18 weeks, has a way of changing how you feel about LIFE.   The deafening silence of such a very small human cradled in the palm of your hand can melt your heart and forever change your outlook on the majesty of life.


Rebecca Forest, Co-Founder & President
Women On The Wall

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