CANiSEE The Solution Study

You are invited to an INVITATION ONLY– 4 Week Study with ALICE LINAHAN. – Wednesday Mornings from 10 am to 12 noon, beginning Oct. 9, 2019, and
Tuesday Evenings from 7 pm to 9 pm, beginning Oct. 8th, 2019.

LOCATION:  Argyle Community Room – 111 Dallas Street, Argyle, TX 76226

Cost for 4 weekly 2 hour workshops and workbook – $100
Seats are limited, save your spot by getting your ticket today.

To register for the 4-week Can I See – The Solution Study on Radical Education Reform in America
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Only the first 30 to register will get seats. 

Previously, in America, your past did not determine your future.
In America, we have a history of great prosperity and innovation, because, in America, we have valued an education of Opportunity (Equal Opportunity), based on an individual’s freedom and their ability to achieve great things.  When an individual has a solid foundation in reading, writing, math, science, and history; as an adult that individual is free to succeed, and, free to fail, and then learn from that failure, and still go on to do great things.


Will you commit 4 days in October, for just 2 hours, to find out why- for your children or grandchildren’s sake?

Join Alice Linahan and take a 4-week journey to understand how asking three important questions exposed the fact that what is happening in schools today, is very dangerous for our children and their future.

Those 3 important questions are…

Can I See WHAT you are teaching my child?

Can I SEE HOW you are teaching my child?

Can I SEE WHO is financially benefiting from the curriculum on which my child’s teachers are evaluated?