Recap of “True the Vote Summit” – Houston, TX 4/27-28/12

WOW Board Members Rebecca Forest and Alice Linahan were among the 400+ attending the 2nd Annual “True the Vote Summit” (TTV) in Houston, Texas – April 27-28, 2012.
What a tremendous event! Catherine Engelbrecht (TTV President) and her team brought in a great lineup of national speakers such as John Fund (author of “Stealing Elections”), Pat Caddell (Fox News Contributor/Political Strategist), Anita MonCrief (ACORN Whistleblower), Tom Fitton (Judicial Watch), Christian Adams (author of “Injustice”), Steve Bannon (Exec. Chairman of, Hans Von Spakovsky (Heritage Foundation), Rep. Artur Davis (Former Alabama Congressman) and others. Last but not least, James O’Keefe. James most recently made headlines (again) with his famous undercover video demonstrating just how easy it would be for a dishonest person to steal another person’s vote — say, DOJ head ERIC HOLDER’S VOTE!!

In addition to the national speakers, the summit featured an Election Integrity Panel of activists from around the country detailing the work they have done in their communities to ensure free and fair elections.

TTV has developed a well-organized national volunteer program which provides training and the needed technology to support and equip fellow citizens as they work to protect and defend the rights of legitimate voters in their own communities.

With the growing number of reports of election fraud in our nation, it is vital for citizens across the country to do their part to make sure that the votes of legitimate/eligible citizens are not diluted or stolen.

Catherine’s message to the conference included this important quote:
“Thank you for being an important part of this movement to preserve the sanctity of our vote – which in turn will preserve nothing less than the very foundation of our liberty.”

We couldn’t agree more Catherine!

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SIGN UP and get busy! Time is running out …. when the dust settles on November 6th it will be too late. Once a fraudulent vote is cast, it can’t be taken back!