Sexualization of our Country’s Youth – “Follow-Up: Not Dr. Klussmann for Tex. Comm. of Education”

Greg Abbott

“Follow-Up: Not Dr. Klussmann for Tex. Comm. of Education”

By Donna Garner 11.28.15

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 5.55.02 PMACTION STEP: Please contact Tex. Gov. Greg Abbott and ask him not to appoint Dr. Duncan Klussmann, Spring Branch ISD Superintendent, as the next Texas Commissioner of Education for the following reasons mentioned below.  






Also, please ask all Texas Senators not to approve Gov. Abbott’s appointment of Sarah Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 6.06.15 PMMartinez Tucker to the U. T. Board of Regents because she is a major supporter of the Common Core Standards Initiative:  1.27.15 — “Gov. Abbott, Please Listen to Our Concerns: 2 for 2 in the Wrong Direction” — by Donna Garner —


I have posted Gov. Abbott’s contact information at the bottom of this page.



After I sent out my original article (1.17.15 – “I Hope This Is a Rumor: Klussmann As Texas Ed. Comm.” – by Donna Garner — ), I began receiving responses from people who live in the Spring Branch ISD area and who have real concerns with Dr. Klussmann ever being appointed by Gov. Abbott as the  Texas Commissioner of Education.


One Texas, high-profile, elected education official said that she had real concerns with Dr. Klussmann because of his decision to ignore parental concerns over a sex education program called “It’s Your Game, Keep It Real.”  After viewing six hours of the videos from this program [They have since been taken down from the Internet because of parental pushback.], the elected official told me, “I was sick.  It tries to ‘guilt’ kids into being sexually responsible (fear of disease and pregnancy) but does not mention anything at all about the most important motivator and that is a sense of morals and strong character that parents, teachers, Sunday school leaders, etc. can help instill in our children.”



Another parent wrote to tell me that back in December 2012, she had personally contacted SPISD Superintendent Klussmann, the SPISD school board members, and many in the public about her concerns over the teaching of “It’s Your Game, Keep It Real” to middle-school students in SBISD.  The parent and a Texas Representative met with SBISD administrators and made Dr. Klussman aware of the pornographic, perverted, and predatory content in the program in which the students role play scripts filled with filth.“Dr. Klussmann still chose to expose students to ‘It’s Your Game.’  This is evidence of his character.  I would not support him in any position in which he is charged with the welfare and best interest of students.”



10.9.12 — “Graphic Middle School Sex Class Outrages Parents” – by Todd Starnes —


Excerpts from this article:


Hundreds of Houston-area parents are outraged over a new sex education program that teaches 12-year-old children about oral, anal and vaginal sex – and uses graphic curriculum to instruct students on how to use condoms.

The new curriculum is called, “It’s Your Game, Keep It Real” – a program that includes real-life scenarios about condoms…

Several parents told Fox News that the information booklets provided by the school district did not indicate the graphic nature of the classroom instruction nor did it mention the level of detail.

“I started looking at the curriculum and I got this sense of dread,” she said. “I thought, ‘oh my gosh, what is it that they are putting in front of our kids?’”

Kalmbach said the videos include cursing and slang. The actors are dressed provocatively.

“It has heavy petting and making out – and this is the seventh grade curriculum,” she said.

“This has not been vetted,” he told Fox News. “Now that parents are taking a truly active role, you have hundreds of parents expressing outrage over it.”

Some of the video was so graphic that a Houston television station was unable to air footage from the curriculum…

“I think it’s soft porn when they have a girl on the couch and she says, ‘Let me help you put the condom on,’” parent Mayte Weitzman told television station KTRK. “They’re teaching them oral, anal and vaginal sex,” she said. “They’re teaching them all kinds of sex. They’re not focusing on abstinence.”

“Our kids see enough trash on TV,” she said. “We don’t need our school district showing this type of inappropriate behavior in a school district setting.”





One of the reasons that I wrote “Adults Must Protect Our Nation’s Children” on 10.3.12

( ) was to inform parents and the public about the dangerous contraceptive/condom sex education that the U. T. Prevention Research Center and David C. Wiley are foisting on school districts all over Texas.

Keep it real
“It’s Your Game, Keep It Real”
is coming from the U. T. Prevention Research Center and David C. Wiley. Wiley is not a medical doctor, and this sex education program is not based upon the medical literature.

If people will take the time to read my article, they will be armed with the facts to counter the U. T. Prevention Research Center’s inaccurate program that puts students’ lives in danger.


FURTHER COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER — It’s Your Game, Keep It Real” is definitely a product of Planned Parenthood which promotes teenage sexual activity. (Please see article by Danette Clark posted further on down the page.)  Planned Parenthood definitely does not want students to know the painful health consequences ofsexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) that increased sexual activity promotes. PP talks only about pregnancy and says nothing about the fact that STD’s are rampant and have lifetime consequences, including terribly painful conditions, blindness to unborn babies, HIV/AIDS spread through anal and oral intercourse (particularly among the LGBTQ community), and/or early death to the mother. Contraceptives do not stop the spread of STD’s and also do not prevent pregnancies unless used carefully and consistently — both of which are difficult for adults to do, much less teenagers in the midst of a hormone surge. 
2.25.13 – ““Explicit Video from Obama Funded Sex Education Program Now  Scrubbed From the Internet” – by Danette Clark —



Please contact Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s office and voice your concerns using the information contained in this article:  1.27.15 —  “Gov. Abbott, Please Listen to Our Concerns: 2 for 2 in the Wrong Direction” —


Web address:

Check the box beside “I need assistance.”

Click on “Select.”

Fill out the contact form.

Select “Other” in the Issue box.

Post your message in the “Comments” box.

Hit “Send Message.” 

Watch for an e-mail confirmation in five minutes. If you do not receive it, then input your message again.  


I also entered my verbal comments by calling Gov. Abbott’s Constituent Services, (512-463-1800).  I could have delivered my comments as a recorded message, but I chose to give my comments verbally to the staffer.  She wrote down my comments and was very friendly as was I.  

Global Jihad, Global Education- Attitudes, Values and Beliefs

Women On The Wall - Avoidable


By: Alice Linahan 1.15.2015 

Movements on the ground show the “Fundamental Transformation” of education is having impact. This is what Capitalist vs Socialist Chart happens when you move from a classical academic curriculum based on an education of opportunity – Reading, Writing, Math and History to a collectivist based education of equity – Attitudes, Values and Beliefs.  

When you gut our public education of academics and it becomes completely about attitudes, values, and beliefs the question becomes- Whose values, attitudes and beliefs will prevail?

 The Philosophy behind the Common Core Math Wars

“We first need to determine the moral, social, and political order we believe to be desirable, then set out our educational purposes, and in light of those purposes choose curriculum content and objectives”.  “What Constructivism Might Be in Mathematics Education”  Jeremy Kilpatrick (1987, Proceedings of PME (Psychology of Mathematics Education ) XI-Montreal)

A Texas Public School District, Garland ISD to host “Stand with the Prophet” conference, which is designed to help “lead the effort against Islamophobia”

Listen below to the Women On the Wall Communication Team conference call with Frank Gaffney, Center for Security Policy. It is a must to listen to this podcast in preparation for the protests of the “Stand With The Prophet Rally” at Garland ISD, Garland, Texas, this Saturday, 1.17.15.  Gaffney shared the very startling information about four of the speakers who have close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and other very dangerous Islamist organizations.

 After listening to Frank Gaffney’s explanations about the backgrounds of the four speakers scheduled to speak at the “Stand with the Prophet Rally,” concerned citizens are encouraged to call the Garland ISD administration office  (  and ask to speak to Chris Moore, Executive Director, Division of Communications and Public Relations – 972-487-3256 or to some other GISD administrator.    

WomenOnTheWall’s message to America: Events like the murders in Paris are AVOIDABLE – if we will but act and hold our elected officials accountable! Their primary duty is to secure our borders and keep us safe.

WOW produced non-interactive video can be seen below OR view the personalized INTERACTIVE version through FB at: 

On the Conference Call linked above Frank Gaffney mentioned the Center For Security Policy’s plan to combat “Global Jihad.”  Below is a press release just out. 1.16.2015


Former USMC Commandant Al Gray Applauds Plan for Countering Totalitarian Ideology of Shariah
     Washington, D.C.: Nine members of an informal public policy “Tiger Team” presented the “Secure Freedom Strategy” – a comprehensive plan for countering and defeating an enemy that has yet to be officially and accurately named, let alone successfully dispatched, in over 36 years of war: the Global Jihad Movement and the ideology that animates it, the supremacist Islamic doctrine of shariah.
     The Tiger Team and the Strategy it developed with the sponsorship and support of the Center for Security Policy drew for a model on the approach successfully practiced by President Ronald Reagan for the purpose of thwarting the last totalitarian ideology that sought the West’s destruction: Soviet communism.  The Reagan strategy was formalized in National Security Decision Directive (NSDD) 75, which was signed by the President 32 years ago tomorrow.
     Among the aspects of the Strategy that were briefed at this launch event by members of the Tiger Team (in bold) were:
  • The nature and centrality of shariah to the War for the Free World and the differentiator between it represents between Muslims who are not a threat and those who are due to their embrace of shariah’s political, totalitarian program (not to be confused with the personal, pietistic practice of many non-jihadist, but devout, Muslims) – David Yerushalmi, Esq., co-founder of the American Freedom Law Center and expert on shariah;
  • The unifying effect shariah has on a diverse and often fractious Muslim umma, especially as it relates to their shared commitment to forcing the submission of infidels – Clare Lopez, former Operations Officer in the CIA’s Clandestine Service;
  • The necessity to know the enemy if it is to be vanquished, something that is currently impermissible in the U.S. military and other national security organizations –Maj. Tommy Waller, USMC (Res.), combat Force Reconnaissance officer (speaking in a personal capacity);
  • The emphasis on a counter-ideological component in this strategy and the need for a reconstitution of capabilities for information warfare comparable to those brought to bear during President Reagan’s era – Dr. J. Michael Waller, expert in political, psychological and information warfare;
  • The requirement to operate strategically against the jihadist enemy, not simply with tactical expedients like drone strikes, which will necessitate rebuilding America’s military so as to be able to practice once again “peace through strength” – Technical Weapons Sergeant Jim Hanson, US Army (Ret.);
  • The important role of defensive and offensive economic warfare against the Global Jihad Movement and its enablers – Kevin Freeman, Chartered Financial Analyst and bestselling author of Secret Weapon and Gameplan;
  • The need for reality-based intelligence analysis and the rebuilding of the capacity to conduct intelligence operations aimed at, as in the Reagan NSDD, undermining the legitimacy and power of the enemy – Fred Fleitz, former CIA analyst, State Department official and House Intelligence Committee professional staff member;
  • The imperative of American leadership, both domestically and of the Free World, in mobilizing the people and assets doomed to more death, destruction and enslavement if the Global Jihad Movement does not meet the same terminal fate as previous totalitarian ideologies, notably Naziism, fascism and Soviet communism – Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons, U.S. Navy (Ret.), former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet.
     An unexpected highpoint of the program was an appearance at its end by one of the nation’s most revered military leaders: General Alfred M. Gray, Jr., U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.), the 29th Commandant of Marines.  Gen. Gray applauded the Secure Freedom Strategy, commended its authors and urged its swift adoption by national policy-makers.
     A link to the hour-and-a-half-long program is available, courtesy of C-SPAN, at The full 94-page Secure Freedom Strategy can be found online here:
     A particularly poignant part of the program was Major Waller’s account of some of his personal experiences with the jihadists’ information dominance and the danger posed here at home, not just by violent ones, but by those – like the Muslim Brotherhood – who are engaged in stealthy, subversive “civilization jihad” towards the same ends: imposing shariah worldwide and establishing a global Islamic government to rule according to it.  Excerpts of the Major’s remarks can be found here:

     Other members of the Secure Freedom Strategy Tiger Team are: Lieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin (U.S. Army, Ret.), former senior Special Operator and Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence; Ambassador Henry F. Cooper, former Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization and former Chief Negotiator at the Geneva Defense and Space Talks, expert on military technology and weapons proliferation; Dan Goure, Vice President, Lexington Institute and former director of the Office of Strategic Competitiveness in the Office of the Secretary of Defense; John Guandolo, combat Force Reconnaissance Marine, former Commander, FBI SWAT Team, former counter-terrorism special agent and expert on the Muslim Brotherhood’s civilization jihad in America; Brian Kennedy, President of the Claremont Institute; Joseph E. Schmitz, Esq., former Inspector General, Department of Defense, and naval officer; and Tom Trento, Director of the United West, an expert in international terrorism research and information operations.
About the Center for Security Policy
The Center for Security Policy is a non-profit, non-partisan national security organization that specializes in identifying policies, actions, and resource needs that are vital to American security and then ensures that such issues are the subject of both focused, principled examination and effective action by recognized policy experts, appropriate officials, opinion leaders, and the general public. For more information visit

Rally to protest the Islamic conference in Garland, Texas on 1.17.15


1.14.15 – “AFDI To Hold Stand with Free Speech Demo Outside Stand with the Prophet Conference” – by Pamela Geller — Breitbart — 

 1.7.15 – “Letter to Garland Independent School Officials” – by Lt. Col. (ret.) Roy White – Truth in Texas Textbooks —

1.14.15 — “No Coincidence: Stand with the Prophet Rally To Be Held in Texas” — by Donna Garner –

Rally to protest Islamic conference in Houston, Texas – 1.18.15



[We could not have said this any better – Thank You Glynn!]
by Glynn Adams
Why haven’t we figured out what methods every evil ideology uses to transform or change a nation?  History provides us with many glaring examples of these methods but up until now we have ignored them.   Because we do not read and study history; because we have not applied these lessons of history, we have made the same mistakes others have made and we are now reaping what we have sown.  The Romans, the Greeks, Hitler in Germany, Mao in China, Lenin and Stalin in the Soviet Union and many others throughout history have used the education of children as a means to accomplish their end long before they deployed their armies.   While all these leaders have long been dead, their ideology still lives on in the people.  It was Valdimir Lenin who said, “Give me just one generation of youth and I’ll transform the whole nation.”   You can bet Valdimir Lenin had read Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.”   However, the way he read it was, “Train up the children in Communism and they will not depart from it.”   Sometime around the 1900’s, when the Communists became real serious about destroying America, obviously they studied and knew our Constitution, its weakness and strengths, Christianity, the ways of man, and the Bible better than the citizens did.  They read where Benjamin Franklin said “If the citizens ever discover they can vote themselves benefits from their government, it is over for that government.”   What have the Communists and our Communists politicians been doing in this nation for the last one hundred years under the deceptive name of compassion but growing our government and giving handouts to the citizens?    The Communists in the 60s, rewrote our Christian heritage out of our history books while aggressively infiltrating our educational systems, publishing their own textbooks because they knew if they taught our children 6 to 8 hours a day in the way of Communism, even when they were old they would not depart from that ideology.   Foolish Christian parents have for years now sent their kids to these communist re-education camps that teach our children anti-Christian agenda (no Biblical principles, evolution, no right or wrong, abortion, fornication, perversion and on and on) for 6 to 8 hours a day, five days a week.   They would then send them to Church for one to two hours on Sunday and are deceived into thinking that their children are going to embrace the narrow ways of Christianity over the broad ways of Communism.   In America, we have already lost that battle but we won’t admit it or do anything about it.   Foolish and deceived parents in America are also ignorant of their responsibility to God concerning the education of their children.  In Deuteronomy 6:6-7,   God says that parents have the responsibility to diligently and constantly teach their children the ways of God and if they delegate that to a school or church, the parents are absolutely responsible to ensure they are taught God’s Words.   Because of the neglect of parents, the destruction of this nation and our children are being accomplished today through our Communist re-education systems we call public education and we are financing our own destruction with our tax dollars and we can’t see it.    I want to dedicate this article to Alice Linahan and the faithful Women on the Wall who are out- manned and seemly alone in their uphill battles against our government schools because the parents of our children remain passive and unconcerned about what is going on in these Communists camps we call public schools.   Parents will travel miles and weather the elements of heat, cold and rain to watch their children play sports but won’t darken the door of a school board meeting or attend a community meeting held by Alice and her organization.  America is sick unto death and is confused about life’s priorities.   If we don’t change our ways and fight this war against Communism and now Islam, evil shall continue to gain ground and we shall reap the whirlwind and more judgments from God!!!