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Moms Caravan on the Texas Border 

~Women On the Wall Communication Team ~

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Push back is building.

Join us as we expose the truth behind School Safety Plans across the country and why they are so dangerous for the next generation of students. 

The Coalition for the Protection of Parental Rights Press Conference 3.28.2018

Press Conference Media Packet 

Total Quality Management (TQM)- Texas’ Points of Compliance in the Education System 

Click to read: The True State of the Union-

Then Join Parents, Grandparents, and Taxpayers saying #NotMyCHILD

Sign the Form Below and Join US in saying NO!  The Medicalization of Education A Letter to President Donald Trump 

Women On the Wall Conference Call ARCHIVES   

In preparation for 2020, we believe it is imperative that we provide the communication teams we have set up across the country, and their local communities, with the tools and information needed to understand the world we are now living in today. And, how this “Age of Novus Capitis”, directly impacts our children, our families, our communities, our states, and our nation.

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The Age of Novus Capitis: Novus (New) Capitis (Capital)

Vision Map



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