Thanks Rep. Berman for again taking a stand for “We The People” of Texas!

Over the past several months we  have witnessed a  grassroots “uprising” in Texas thanks to the Texas House “Speaker’s Showdown.”  The Co-Founders of Women on the Wall were proud to take a stand with fellow grassroots activists across this great State.   We have many to thank for what WOW contributed to this battle.  First, Rob Hurlburt for his brilliant creation Texas House “Speaker Showdown” (in various versions) and those who donated to help pay for  it to air on TV in key Texas districts leading up to the January 11th vote.  

Among those walking the halls and grounds of the Capitol with us the past two days were  Texas Tea Party leaders/members,  immigration activists,  and many members of the Texas GOP leadership.   We were all unified in our steadfast opposition to the re-election of Joe Straus as House Speaker. 

Yesterday was truly a sad day for Texas as many in the current  body of  House Representatives completely shunned the desires of a vast number of their constituents.   Once again, Texans have Representative Leo Berman to thank for standing his ground  on principle and demanding a floor vote.  He will take a lot of heat from his fellow Representatives as his action helped to “out” the Republicans who were so desperately trying to avoid a floor vote!    This is not the first time Representative Berman has done the right thing for Texas in spite of the unpleasant consequences that follow. 

The “Speaker’s Race” was a horse of a different color to most  Texans.  The biggest obstacle activist groups faced was trying to explain the importance of  this previously understated event to those outside the loop.   While that aspect of the “Oust Straus” effort was challenging, explaining the importance of defeating huge numbers of those who voted for Joe Straus WILL NOT be a difficult task moving forward.  

During the run up to the Republican primaries, we have ample time to get our message out to the voters and we have a large number of very upset Texans organized and well connected to follow through.  We have Resolute Media and the many sponsors who helped coordinate and fund the hospitality/staging area for the Capitol events to thank for making sure months of coordinated efforts ended on a productive note  — no matter what the outcome of the vote.   Rest assured,  time and money will not be an obstacle once our networks have identified qualified challengers to those who chose the wrong path! 

If anything, the arrogance and corruption we witnessed at the “People’s House” January 10th and 11th was much worse than most of us imagined.  While many political operatives, bloggers, and media organizations try to portray the grassroots anti-Straus movement as a failure, our promise is:  SEE YOU IN 2012 — We Will Remember!!

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