At the Capital in Austin on Jan. 31st the photo below was taken. It was Texas Muslim Day. Of the 12 sponsoring groups 8 have direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Texas Muslim Day at the Capital CAIR

So it is not surprising to find out…..

When it comes to Senator John Carona’s legislation, SB1639, Texas’ American Laws for American Courts legislation, our opponents become more vocal as we get closer to victory.And we are VERY close to victory in Texas.

One such opponent is the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an unindicted conspirator in the Texas Holy Land Foundation terror finance trial and a Muslim Brotherhood front group operating right here in the U.S.

Just the other day, CAIR put out a “Texas Action Alert” asking legislators to “put a stop to anti-Muslim legislation in the Senate.” Specifically, CAIR tells its members that “if 11 Senators vote to block the measure, it can be stopped….” And they ask them to “call your Texas Senator today and ask that they block SB1639 from reaching the floor.

Pro-ALAC patriots: We need the voices of Texas to tell the ALL State Senators what the bill REALLY does…and what it does NOT do. We need your voice today.

As a reminder, SB1639 is merely common-sense proposal protects Texans’ individual constitutional rights from foreign laws or legal doctrines in cases related to marriage, divorce, or parent-child relationships, where the application of those laws/doctrines would violate those constitutional rights. No particular foreign law is singled out. The legislation applies to them all.

SB 1639 was recently passed out of the Texas Senate Business & Commerce Committee by a vote of 5 to 4. The next step is for the Rules Committee to send the legislation to the Senate floor for a final vote.

At this time, we need all of our Texas members to relay their strong support for SB 1639 to their individual state Senator. By continuing to work together, we can see American Laws for American Courts legislation passed in Texas this session!

In order to see ALAC passed into law in Texas, can we count on you to perform the following easy action today?


We need your help TODAY in contacting YOUR STATE SENATOR to relay your strong support for SB 1639 and your desire to see the bill reach the Senate floor as soon as possible for a vote.

(Click HERE to locate your state Senator and his/her contact information.)

Please respectfully relay the sentiments below, either via phone call

or e-mail:Senator,

I urge you to support SB 1639, introduced by Senator John Carona, in order to protect the constitutional rights of Texans from the incursion of foreign laws and foreign legal doctrines.

Further, I ask that you do all you can to see this important bill brought before the full Senate so it can receive the vote it deserves.

To-date, four other states have passed legislation like SB 1639. Texas needs to be next, as we must maintain the authority of the Texas and U.S. Constitutions.

As a Texas voter, this bill is of the utmost importance to me!

Thank you for your leadership on this vital matter.


(Your name and city)

Again, many thanks for all of your efforts, Texas. You ARE making a difference!