“Border Folly” – A National Security Threat

Lisa Benson on National Security and Illegal Immigration

Written by: Lisa E. BensonFebruary 18, 2013 

Phoenix, Arizona…

As I reported this past Saturday on KKNT 960 AM – Salem Communications – local ranchers are seeing an increase in illegal border crossings and not a decrease as stated by President Obama in last week’s State of the Union Address to the nation.


Specifically, a local rancher residing south of Sierra Vista, Arizona, claims that through local citizen surveillance, as well as via monitoring the broadcast frequencies of US Border Patrol agents, it is estimated that there are more than 1,000 illegal crossings a night.  The most obtrusive illegal crossings are happening west of Nogales, Arizona.


Moreover, there is a steady influx of Chinese crossing the border illegally. As recently as six nights ago, a group of Chinese were picked up, per the ranchers interception of border patrol communications. Without the interception, we would have never known.


With a 2,000 stretch of mutual border with Mexico, the ranchers assert that more than 75% of the border is porous — as evidenced in the picture above, unless a border agent is standing over every square mile of the mutual border, it is impossible to monitor solely with border agents.


Per Judicial Watch…


…U.S. Border Patrol estimates that three out of four illegal crossings EVADE apprehension.


Mr. President, We Demand A Secure Border:


As the hot potato issue of immigration reform heats up on Congress, we must



and tackle border security before comprehensive immigration reform

Difficult to ask when our elected officials want the votes of those they give amnesty to and that includes both political parties.


As I wrote in my newsletter, “Houston, We Have A Problem,” there is evidence that there is Iran influence in South America.  Specifically, there is a manned missile base inside of Venezuela.  Security analysts contend that Venezuela may use biological/chemical warheads before they have the full potential to use nuclear.  Hence, US cities are in the direct trajectory.


In addition…

As outlined in “A Line In the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border”


….and prepared by the Majority Staff of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Michael T. McCaul, Chairman,


“Venezuela is providing support — including identity documents — that could prove useful to radical Islamic groups.  The Venezuelan government has issued thousands of cedulas, the equivalent of Social Security cards, to people from places such as Cuba, Columbia, and Middle Eastern nations that host foreign terrorist organizations.  The U.S. officials believe that the Venezuelan government is issuing the documents to people who should not be getting them and that some of these cedulas could be subsequently used to obtain Venezuelan passports and even American visas, which could allow the holder to elude immigration checks and enter the United States.”



“Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, has been clearly talking to Iran about uranium,” said a senior administration official. Chavez has made several trips to Iran to foster his solidarity with Iran’s hard-line mullahs.


Taking this one step further:

In my radio interview linked below, I point out that Iran’s Asian strategy centers on China. Over the past decade, China’s tremendous economic growth (averaging 8% a year) has generated a voracious appetite for energy.  According to informed estimates, in the coming decade, China could surpass the United States as the world’s largest oil consumer.  Iran plays a key role in China’s energy fortunes; supplying 12% of China’s total imports.


Moving this right along…


Iranian and Chinese collaboration extends beyond energy resources.  China has long assisted Iran in the defense arena, serving as an early supplier to Iran’s nuclear program and more recently as a contributor to the regime’s military modernization efforts during the early 2000′s.  Between the cozy relationship Iran has with North Korea and China, nuclear proliferation is impossible to stop — certainly sanctions are too weak to cripple this aggressive axis of evil.


So, what does this have to do with South America and Chinese Crossing the Border

border train

Trains from Central America and Mexico en route to the U.S. border


Frankly, it is unclear who and why the Chinese are crossing into the U.S. illegally.  Maybe they are doing so because they can …or maybe…they cannot come legally because they are unable to obtain visas due to criminal activity and/or they are on a U.S. terrorist watch list.  It is obvious by the aerial photos of trains of illegals making their way to the US border that a few Islamists or Chinese would blend in with the overall population crossing illegally.

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Please watch for more information on the Chinese crossings.  I am going to be traveling to the border with a security detail — along with a journalist colleague and my video camera.  I will have more to report in the coming weeks. ….
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The information above, and opinions hereto, are that of Lisa Benson and not of any organization or entity.


 Lisa Benson2 Meet Lisa Benson… Lisa Benson is an engaging public speaker, activist, writer, fundraiser,and Mideast Policy Hawk analyst.   She gained her experience over a 25-year career in the Pro-Israel movement as a public relations, marketing and fundraising consultant to policy centers (both in Israel and the United States), universities, political candidates, national security organizations, and 9-11 Families.Days following the 9-11 terrorist attack, Lisa was contacted by the esteemed Steven Emerson, Founder of the Investigative Project, and asked to serve as a consultant on projects seeking private financial support for initiatives exposing terrorist cells in the United States. Following, Lisa has worked for many of the high-profile leaders in the national security field including, Steven Emerson, Brigitte Gabriel (ACT for America), Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Tom Trento (The United West), Sarah Stern (Endowment for Middle East Truth), Gerald Steinberg (The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University).  She is currently consulting for Secure America Now, Lighthouse PAC and Women on the Wall while traveling the nation with national security organizations, as well as for her own lecture series.


Lisa is quick to say that she didn’t  seek out a career in national security; her journey in the Anti-Jihad movement was born out of necessity and a need for her expertise in the post 9-11 world.


She is a trained nonprofit development professional having served more than 200 organizations worldwide on more than three continents raising in excess of $350 million in her career.  Her experience in strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, communications, and public relations has served a myriad of humanitarian, scientific, higher-education and national security entities.


Lisa Benson’s education includes Masters of Public Administration coursework at the Rockefeller Graduate School of Public Policy, State University of New York and a Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude, from the State University of New York at Albany.


The mother of two sons, Lisa is often referred to as a “rainmaker.”  Her clients credit her success to a winning combination of talent, tenacity and sense of humor!


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