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November 2, 2018

Women On the Wall joins Moms Caravan: Heads to the Border

Women On the Wall (WOW) is proud to join Moms for America (MFA), Black Women Walk, The Remembrance Project (TRP), Angel Moms and a Gold Star Mom on the Texas-Mexico border this Saturday, November 3rd.  We will meet with families who experience the impact of illegal crossings first-hand, in an effort to share their stories with the American people and give a Mother’s perspective on the caravans from Honduras.

As the organized and well-funded caravan from Honduras grows and presses on-wards towards the U.S. border, many of our country’s politicians continue to bury their heads in the sand about the illegal immigration crisis our nation is facing – but, as the MFA press release states, “we moms refuse to ignore these problems.”

WOW President, Rebecca Forest brought to light the reality on the ground in stating, “There is absolutely no way to determine the true identities of the people who enter our nation illegally. We know for a fact that people have been entering from terrorist-sponsoring nations.  Our government must take any and all action necessary to put an end to that infiltration into our homeland.  It is the primary duty of our elected officials to protect the safety and security of U.S. citizens above all others.” 

WOW Vice President, Alice Linahan gave her perspective, as a Texas-Mother, warning mothers on all sides of the border, in the following statement: “While elections divide us and unelected bureaucrats regulate us, all of our children are in harm’s way and all of us are being controlled. Yet, if we listen to the words of French philosopher Jacques Ellul, “Propaganda ends where simple dialogue begins.” That is what this trip to the border is all about; Moms, sitting down, sharing our stories and talking to find solutions and the best way to protect all of our children.” 

WOW believes that the women of America play a central role in the protection and security of our sovereign nation. The grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and sisters of America from all political persuasions, age and race are the stewards of the home and hearth and will stop at nothing to defend and protect their families and their country.

If you would like to interview Rebecca Forest or Alice Linahan and learn more please email or
contact Alice Linahan at 972-322-8313
WomenOnTheWall.Org is a 501(c)(4) Texas non-profit corporation dedicated to protecting our children from the many destructive forces within our nation.
WomenOnTheWall  launched the #CanISee™© Campaign calling on Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles andTaxpayers to give the gift of American Exceptionalism to the next generation by going into their child’s classroom to ask these three questions. 
  • #CanISee™©WHAT you are teaching my child?  
  • #CanISee™©HOWyou are teaching my child?
  • #CanISee™©WHO is benefiting financially from the curriculum on which my child’s teacher is being evaluated? 


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