Grassroots Activists “Pledge” Further Engagement in Texas House


Vowing to remain actively engaged in the legislative process, several Texas Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations released an Internet video today thanking “The Texas 15” — the fifteen members who voted against Rep. Joe Straus for Speaker. Noting the dismissive remarks in the press, along with what they regard as efforts by some members to extract retribution on the “15,” leaders of many conservative organizations released a high-definition video online today at expressing their thanks to those “voting on principle.”

“On November 2nd, the people of Texas sent a clear message that they’d had enough of business as usual in Austin. On January 11th, these 15 brave men and women responded to that message by standing against the establishment,” Ken Emanuelson of the Dallas Tea Party said of the video. “They stood with the people and the people won’t forget it.”

Citing recent articles by veteran capitol reporters such as Dave McNeely and others, many leaders say they find the terms used such as “Astroturf” not only inaccurate but offensive, according to Rebecca Forest, Co-Founder of WomenOnTheWall.Org, the producer of the video.

“Tea Party, immigration, pro-life groups and many members and leaders of the Texas GOP came together in a united front to replace Straus — hardly “Astroturf.” Forest continued saying, “The Straus uprising was based largely on his actions last session but even worse to some, was his inaction as he attempted to give the House members a ‘warm and fuzzy’ type of public servant experience.”

Other Conservative and Tea Party leaders revealed new initiatives designed to “keep a keen eye” on the workings of the 82nd Texas Legislature. As an example they highlighted the Texas Tea Party Patriot PAC’s Government Accountability Project which will enlist group members to shadow, report and publish factual information pertaining to elected officials’ records at the federal, state and local levels. “Citizens have an ongoing responsibility in the process of governance that ends not at the ballot box, but extends with daily observation of the votes, words and actions of our elected officials,” Suzanne Guggenheim, one of the organization’s founders, said.

Wayne Richard, a talk radio host in the DFW market and former House District 66 candidate weighed in on the issue. “In today’s political climate it is imperative we elect legislators who have the backbone to vote as their constituents’ desire. Since the opening of this current session, we have a good indication as to who is willing to stand for principle and who isn’t. The people are awake and taking interest in future elections. Texans will remember who they can count on in November 2012.”

David McNeely: Straus vote shows Right Wing groups losing power

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