Former TX HD 66 Candidate Wayne Richard on the Texas Speaker’s Race

by Wayne Richard

Five months ago I began a quest to educate and motivate the voters in North Texas about the upcoming House Speaker election when the new Texas House of Representatives session begins January 11th.

Our current Speaker, Joe Straus, is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) elected through a parliamentary procedure which included a majority of Democrats and a “gang of 11 Republicans”; legal but very inappropriate as well as a great injustice to the citizens of Texas.

When my efforts first began to OUST STRAUS, many said he was too powerful and I was wasting my time trying to facilitate the election of a more conservative Speaker.

“Too powerful” was a common phrase we often heard while battling the 19 year incumbent representing District 66 who was also the leader of the “Gang of 11”. Even as a first time candidate for the Texas House challenging the Chairman of the Calendars Committee, we all saw what happens when the people garner their strength and are willing to step forward; VICTORY can be attained.

History is repeating itself as we are now witnessing a tidal wave of citizen activists all working to accomplish the impossible; to unseat another RINO and move our state towards a conservative future.

These efforts are taking on many forms of activity. Some as straightforward as people calling their District Representatives and insisting they vote for a true conservative to those groups working on more sophisticated means to share the message.

I am engaged with a group who supported my campaign last year and we are currently working to spread the facts through new media (You Tube) as well as old media outlets (TV).

A powerful and effective video has been produced which exposes exactly who Joe Straus really is. Currently he is attempting to undergo a metamorphosis, portraying himself as a pro-life, fiscal conservative. We cannot allow Madison Avenue techniques to redefine who this man actually is and what special interests and lobbyists he clandestinely represents.

Watch the video and learn the facts.
The video has already been recognized in D Magazine and Texas Monthly. But we need your help getting this message out to as many people as possible. If you are so inclined please consider donating to the cause as we are hoping to begin running this commercial on cable in strategic House Districts as we enter the Christmas season. Even a $25.00 donation will be helpful. We also need you to forward this message to your friends as Internet based grassroots communication efforts are what brought victory to conservatives in the November elections. But this battle is not over!

With your help, we can defeat another RINO and usher in a new era of Texas style conservatism.

God bless Texas, Wayne

StandWithWayne & StandForLiberty

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