“Don’t Retreat, Reload” – No Pledge Card!! Oust Straus Once and For All…….

Our Voices were heard and they were once again ignored. With Redistricting we have just witnessed a classic case of Texas style Good Ol’ Boy Republican establishment.

While Perry’s decision to not sign the SBOE Redistricting bill is a good thing he chose not to stand with Conservatives and Veto the bill. I have been told the reason is, had he vetoed the bill it would have gone back for a vote in the legislature and they had the votes to override his Veto. So much for a Conservative Republican majority. I was also told if he had vetoed the bill it would have gone to the Obama Justice Department and we all know Obama has it out for Texas and especially Gov. Perry since he seems to be a possible opponent in the 2012 election. The challenge is, so much of this was done behind the scenes and we do not know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. Targets #1 and #2 for the primaries, Texas Rep. Burt Solomons and Sen. Kel Seliger.

The reason why the Texas School Board of Education Redistricting is so important to Moderate Republicans and why they are fighting to flush out Conservative Republicans is…….As they say follow the money.

It is about control of 26 1/2 Billion in education bonds and the Permanent School Fund. Be sure and get educated on who is involved in charter schools in Texas and learn about the threat of the Gulen/Cosmos foundation. Here is a start. Texas – Karen Hughes – Gulen/Cosmos Foundation

Social Studies and text books are just a side show to Rino Republicans in Austin. It is about the money!!! Although they play on everyone’s emotions and say that it is all about the children. I can tell you one thing for sure, for those Conservative SBOE Representatives who have been redistricted out it is about the children and Texas children have just been shafted by Republican in Name Only elected officials. AKA RINO’s that we put into office. My question is what are the parents of those children going to do about it.
Personally my plan is to Not Retreat but to Reload, just as Sarah Palin stated.

First Call to Action – Don’t allow the Pledge Card system to continue.
Tea Party folks – Are you with me? OUST STRAUS once and for all!!

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Alice Linahan is a Politically-Active Texas Mom who has worked hard in the trenches of the Grassroots Movement. As an established leader in New Media with Voices Empower and as Vice President of Women on the Wall, Alice brings audiences a servant’s voice with a heartfelt, funny tone and when the truth needs to be told in a bold, fresh manner Alice can deliver. She brings alive the stories from the trenches of the movement of parents asking… #CANiSEE what you are teaching my child that is taking America by storm. Alice is a radio talk show host of the Women On the Wall Radio Show in addition to being the Author of the upcoming “A parents journey from #CANiSEE™© to I Can SEE” study on the Common Core. Alice Linahan is a winner of the 2014 UPTON SINCLAIR AWARD with EducationViews.org for her work as an Advocate for Securing the Best of Education Policies for the next generation of American children. Alice has been described as “Passionate in everything she does and she is proof that one person can make a difference.

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