December 19, 2018

Let Congress Know – Vote No on HR5 the ESEA/NCLB Reauthorization

HR5 Petition to Congress.001

- Student Success Act-

Join the Women On The Wall​ team and sign the petition to let Texas U.S. Representatives know – Vote NO on HR5. The battle against HR5 starts up again Monday March 2nd in Washington.

Time is of the essence to let our Texas US House of Representatives know we want them to represent us.

Sign the petition and then call their office and let them know you signed.

Petition to the Texas U.S. House of Representatives- Vote No on HR5

I STAND against HR5 and I Call on my US Representative to Vote No on HR5


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Latest Signatures
54Karol McClennyLawrenceville, GA30045The Federal Government has no business in education. It should be left up to the states. This also sounds very controlling and communistic.Mar 20, 2015
53Theresa NielsenColorado Springs , Colorado 80922 No HR5 and no more Common Core Deceptive Bills Mar 19, 2015
52Barbara DeckerDale, Texas78616I urge you to actually read HR5 and not take your staffs word for it. Our schools have already been 'dumbed down' way too much and this bill will set education back years. Have you ever actually looked at the Common Core curriculum? I seriously doubt it, but do think that it is time that you confronted it for what it is. It's time to stop bribing state legislatures with tax dollars!Mar 18, 2015
51Anita StapletonPueblo81001Words have meaning! Please read the language in this is NOT about choice it is about compliance...all for money.this strips every state from authority over education! JUST say NO!!!!Mar 18, 2015
50John JulianMansfield, TX76063STOP H.R. 5Mar 18, 2015
49April HernandezLeague city , Tx77573Mar 17, 2015
47Paula WeilandHumble, Texas77338Please put our children first and vote NO on H.R.5. It is time that someone from the House listen to us and our concerns for the wellbeing of our children and their education. As parents, we want our children to have a quality education, so please let Texas stand out and put our children and their needs above all else!Mar 12, 2015
46lisa MeadDallas, Texas75225vote NO!!!!Mar 11, 2015
45Jane TrammellPeachtree City, Georgia30269Mar 11, 2015
44Barbara MagleyMt Airy, Georgia30563Mar 11, 2015
43Marilyn LangSealy, Texas77474Please vote NO on H.R. 5. Never waive our sovereignty for any reason ever. Mar 11, 2015
42Cheryl LaughlinPeachtree City, GA30269Please listen to the voice of your constituents STOP this bill NOW.Mar 11, 2015
41June MillerWinder, GA30680Mar 11, 2015
40Don RehwaldtTyrone, Georgia30290-2254Preserve our local government -Mar 10, 2015
39Robert GensSheboygan, Wisconsin53081Mar 09, 2015
38Mellany LambMar 09, 2015
37Greene AlanKingwood, Texas77339Vote no to HR5Mar 08, 2015
36Erin GreeneKingwood, Texas77339Please vote NO on HR5 - for our children.Mar 08, 2015
35Sharon DouglasMAMar 06, 2015
34Rick warrenVote NO on HR5Mar 05, 2015
33Diana TurnerWilmington, De19808Mar 05, 2015
32Kenneth VignaliKaty, TEXAS77494Please do the right thing and get government out of our schools and let kids learn as you and I did growing up. Do not let big government and special interest groups control the educational system. We pay taxes to both you and the schools and demand representation of the people and not corporations pushing this.Mar 05, 2015
31sue steelbrownsville, Wisconsin53006Mar 05, 2015
30Karen AndersonAlba75410Parents want choice and autonomy over their child's education. This federal overreach into our local education system is unconstitutional. Please stand up for our countries principales and vote NO on HR5.Mar 04, 2015
29John and Susan WinfreeCanton, TX75103Please stop the federal government's takeover of education!Mar 04, 2015
28Lydia RomeroLouisiana70520Vote No on H.R. 5. We must protect our children and state by saying No to H.R. 5. Mar 04, 2015
27Marie CorreaNorthwood , New Hampshire Mar 04, 2015
26alison thomasnewtown, ct06470We the people are watching your actions as well as your words. Vote NO!Mar 04, 2015
25Gary SollnerTexasEducation is solely a State responsibility, not the Federal Gov. Fed funds are not to be used to control States' education.Mar 04, 2015
24Dawn McNaryEast Haddam, CT06423Also hold residence in Texas...Do not let them do in TX what has been done in should not be nationalized Mar 04, 2015
23Elisabeth MeyerAustin78745Mar 04, 2015
22Barbara Highttexarkana, ar71854If you can't stand up against an illegal non-immigrant president, then at least fight for the next generation and give them a chance. Vote NO on H.R.5.Mar 04, 2015
21Beth RogersRowlett75089Mar 03, 2015
20Cindy HyltinPlano, Texas75093I'll be watching to see how you vote.Mar 03, 2015
19Paula Ford STOP bribing state legislatures with our tax dollars!Mar 02, 2015
18Diane Della MaggioraCorsicana, Texas75110The only thing Texas should vote for is to defund the US Dept of Education. Keep the federal government out of Texas.Mar 02, 2015
17Janet McAuliffeMcKinney, TX75069-5406Mar 02, 2015
16Nicole HardestyJones Creek, Texas77541Mar 02, 2015
15renee gaytanlewisville, TX75067Listen to Texans!!Mar 02, 2015
14P.J. Byers77354Mar 02, 2015
13James McDougalSpring, TX77389Education is the purview of the States, not the Federal Government. Regardless of how you feel about THIS State's ability to run its Education Programs, when was the last time inviting the Federal Government in to overstep its Consistutional authority actually improved anything? Face it, the Fed does not have "the Midas touch". More often, you have to call Roto-Rooter in to clean up after thMar 02, 2015
12Mark Ramsey (SREC)Spring, Texas77389The UnConstitutional Federal education blob should not be funded at all, much less for 135 BILLION and for 6 more years. Cut in half this year and abolished next year would be a better plan. GOP please go on the offensive and help stop the madness in DC!Mar 02, 2015
11Lisa HarrisHouston, Tx77084Mar 02, 2015
10Desmond TaylorHouston, Texas77096John, please vote 'NO' on this Bill.Mar 02, 2015
9Kathryn MonetteGrand Prairie, Texas75052Please don't vote to extend Bush's bad bill!Mar 02, 2015
8DONNA GARNERHEWITT, TX76643Mar 02, 2015
7verenice juarezgrand prairie, t75051#STOP HR5Mar 02, 2015
6Cheryl walkerhouston, TX77040vote noMar 02, 2015
5Liz TheissHouston, Texas77008Please assist us in stopping this legislation that will place the federal government in control of our educational system.Mar 02, 2015

Bill Information

U.S. House of Representatives
List of Texas U.S. House of Representative Contact numbers. Gohmert, Louie -202-225-3035
Poe, Ted – 202-225-6565
Johnson, Sam – 202-225-4201
Ratcliffe, John – 202-225-6673
Hensarling, Jeb – 202-225-3484
Barton, Joe – 202-225-2002
Culberson, John – 202-225-2571
Brady, Kevin – 202-225-4901
Green, Al – 202-225-7508
McCaul, Michael T. – 202-225-2401
Conaway, K. Michael – 202-225-3605
Granger, Kay – 202-225-5071
Thornberry, Mac – 202-225-3706
Weber, Randy – 202-225-2831
Hinojosa, Rubén – 202-225-2531
O’Rourke, Beto – 202-225-4831
Flores, Bill – 202-225-6105
Jackson Lee, Sheila – 202-225-3816
Neugebauer, Randy – 202-225-4005
Castro, Joaquin – 202-225-3236
Smith, Lamar – 202-225-4236
Olson, Pete – 202-225-5951
Hurd, Will – 202-225-4511
Marchant, Kenny – 202-225-6605
Williams, Roger – 202-225-9896
Burgess, Michael -202-225-7772
Farenthold, Blake – 202-225-7742
Cuellar, Henry -202-225-1640
Green, Gene -202-225-1688
Johnson, Eddie Bernice – 202-225-8885
Carter, John – 202-225-3864
Sessions, Pete – 202-225-2231
Veasey, Marc – 202-225-9897
Vela, Filemon – 202-225-9901
Doggett, Lloyd – 202-225-4865
Babin, Brian – 202-225-1555
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About Alice


Alice is a radio talk show host of the Women On the Wall Radio Show in addition to being the author of the up and coming- "A communities journey from #CANiSEE™© to I Can SEE" study on the Common Core and the just recently announced winner of the 2014 UPTON SINCLAIR AWARD with for her work as an Advocate for Securing the Best of Education Policies

Alice is on track to re-define the meaning of “boots on the ground.” Specifically, she is implementing a communication team strategy that gives activists the tools to “ENGAGE” and change hearts and minds vs. just a CLICK “LIKE” mentality on social media.

Currently Alice is working on projects at both the state and national level to save our Country from attacks within our own borders.
Alice Linahan speaks publicly throughout the country to educate the public on the truth about what is happening in Education and the unilateral mental disarmament of the next generation of voters in America.


  1. Alice is a true champion for the anti common core issue. A awesome person and a tireless activist.

    • Together Stephen Elam we are powerful!! Thank you for your service to our great nation and for continuing to stand up for truth!!

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