Let Congress Know – Vote No on HR5 the ESEA/NCLB Reauthorization

HR5 Petition to Congress.001

– Student Success Act-

Join the Women On The Wall​ team and sign the petition to let Texas U.S. Representatives know – Vote NO on HR5. The battle against HR5 starts up again Monday March 2nd in Washington.

Time is of the essence to let our Texas US House of Representatives know we want them to represent us.

Sign the petition and then call their office and let them know you signed.

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Bill Information

U.S. House of Representatives
List of Texas U.S. House of Representative Contact numbers. Gohmert, Louie -202-225-3035
Poe, Ted – 202-225-6565
Johnson, Sam – 202-225-4201
Ratcliffe, John – 202-225-6673
Hensarling, Jeb – 202-225-3484
Barton, Joe – 202-225-2002
Culberson, John – 202-225-2571
Brady, Kevin – 202-225-4901
Green, Al – 202-225-7508
McCaul, Michael T. – 202-225-2401
Conaway, K. Michael – 202-225-3605
Granger, Kay – 202-225-5071
Thornberry, Mac – 202-225-3706
Weber, Randy – 202-225-2831
Hinojosa, Rubén – 202-225-2531
O’Rourke, Beto – 202-225-4831
Flores, Bill – 202-225-6105
Jackson Lee, Sheila – 202-225-3816
Neugebauer, Randy – 202-225-4005
Castro, Joaquin – 202-225-3236
Smith, Lamar – 202-225-4236
Olson, Pete – 202-225-5951
Hurd, Will – 202-225-4511
Marchant, Kenny – 202-225-6605
Williams, Roger – 202-225-9896
Burgess, Michael -202-225-7772
Farenthold, Blake – 202-225-7742
Cuellar, Henry -202-225-1640
Green, Gene -202-225-1688
Johnson, Eddie Bernice – 202-225-8885
Carter, John – 202-225-3864
Sessions, Pete – 202-225-2231
Veasey, Marc – 202-225-9897
Vela, Filemon – 202-225-9901
Doggett, Lloyd – 202-225-4865
Babin, Brian – 202-225-1555
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About Alice

Alice Linahan is a Politically-Active Texas Mom who has worked hard in the trenches of the Grassroots Movement. As an established leader in New Media with Voices Empower and as Vice President of Women on the Wall, Alice brings audiences a servant’s voice with a heartfelt, funny tone and when the truth needs to be told in a bold, fresh manner Alice can deliver. She brings alive the stories from the trenches of the movement of parents asking… #CANiSEE what you are teaching my child that is taking America by storm. Alice is a radio talk show host of the Women On the Wall Radio Show in addition to being the Author of the upcoming “A parents journey from #CANiSEE™© to I Can SEE” study on the Common Core. Alice Linahan is a winner of the 2014 UPTON SINCLAIR AWARD with EducationViews.org for her work as an Advocate for Securing the Best of Education Policies for the next generation of American children. Alice has been described as “Passionate in everything she does and she is proof that one person can make a difference.

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