Texas Tea Parties Heading for Speaker Showdown in Austin, TX on 1/10 – 1/11/10!!

Resolute Media Group, Emergent Consulting, TCOT Report, Women on the Wall, Kaufman Tea Party, and Tea Party Movement 911 are putting together a staging area for all the Tea Parties going to the Capital Jan. 10th and the 11th.

 “We The People” Texas 2011 and Beyond”.

We have secured a conference room for both the 10th and 11th and doors open at 8AM.
We would like you to join this open house project, come in register that you were there, pick up materials such as surveys and information that you can hand deliver to the State Reps offices.  This will be especially important Monday morning before the caucus. We will stay open so you can come back and enjoy some Texas hospitality. 
We will also have media there for you to share your story and opinion and document the real stories and numbers of Tea Parties that are there for the two days!
The strategy is also to announce this event in a big way before the caucus and vote so the State Reps on the bubble will know that we will be there and either way  the vote goes we are networking and planning to primary them depending on their vote. Do they want to be on the list that is a target after the vote.    That is their choice.
We The People – 2011 and Beyond
Location – La Quinta -Capital
300 E. 11th Street
Austin, Texas
Date: Jan 10th 8 AM -8 PM
           Jan 11th 8 AM -8 PM
This is not to replace any Protests or Rallies  planned at the capital it is just to have a central meeting place and staging area for all Tea Parties to congregate, network, and plan for how to move forward in 2011 and beyond.
If you would like to join our other great sponsors please contact me ASAP and we will add you to the list.

Alice Linahan
Managing Partner
Resolute Media Group
Resolute Media Group Facebook

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