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March 19, 2015

February 19, 2015

February 12, 2015

December 4, 2014

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Mel Moss interviews Bill Zedler and takes on Joe Straus and Thomas Ratliff

Women On the Wall Radio ~ Common Core and Mike Huckabee

WomenOntheWall With Janice VanCleave (CSCOPE Whistle Blower)

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  1. Teachers who support conservative views and vote conservative are targeted. If these teachers are Christian it’s even worse. There are school administrators who purposely give bad evaluations to teachers who do not believe or following their agenda. If you’re actually teaching and the children are succeeding socially and emotionally your not seen as a good teacher. If disadvantaged children or kids labeled SPED and make gains they do not like it. They do nothing to provide for these kids. These administrators get parents (possibly) paying them to file ‘false’ complaints against teachers so they can list them as ineffective. The environment a teacher has to work in is more like an insane asylum. You have children who are listed as ‘behaviorally dangerous’ among regular students. Administrators emotionally and physically beat down their teachers and support bad behavior because there are no consequences. Children in Elementary are no longer taught how to socially get along, they only get 15 minutes to play a day. My doctor asked me to leave my position as a kindergarten teacher two years ago because he felt the environment I was working in was a war zone. I wasn’t the only teacher being treated in his office. He had others he was treating for PTSD, depression and anxiety. The constant negativity was weakening our health. If your a threat to their agenda they will force you out or ruin your reputation. Evaluations are subjective not objective. They care more about what’s on your wall and if your teaching the curriculum word by word. They want all teachers teaching the same thing, at the same time. I truly believe they want kids to fail so, the State can come in and take over. Every child is being left behind…

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