January 22, 2019

Stop CSCOPE Petition

Petition to Stop Common Core in Texas - Remove CSCOPE from Texas Schools

Thank you for joining us in the battle to stop CSCOPE!!

Petition to Remove CSCOPE from Texas Schools

We, the above-signed citizens and taxpayers of Texas, do hereby demand that the Texas State Legislature take such steps necessary to ensure that:

(1) All curriculum used in Texas Independent School Districts (ISDs), whether print, electronic or internet based, but not including auxiliary or supplemental materials, be placed under the direct control and supervision of the duly elected State Board of Education (SBOE); and that

(2) Any curriculum, including CSCOPE, not currently approved by the SBOE, be immediately removed from all ISDs; and that

(3) All teachers be released, effective immediately, from any agreements regarding CSCOPE or that mandate the use of lessons contained in any such curriculum not currently approved by the SBOE; and that

(4) A full investigation by state authorities be made into all individuals and entities directly or indirectly responsible for the creation, sale, distribution or support of the CSCOPE curriculum in use in Texas ISDs.
NOTE: Please complete all fields to sign this petition so it may be presented to appropriate elected officials and Texas Education officials. Your name will be the only information posted for public viewing on the WOW website.


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