2013 TX Session Info

So, why is the Texas House Speaker’s race  SO  important?

The House Speaker controls the appointments of all committee chairmen, who in turn control the flow of legislation through their respective committees.   Control the Speaker’s chair, control the committee chairs, control legislation.

This session will prove to be another disaster for “real” conservatives in Texas.   Just as we predicted,  Joe Straus (once again) appointed MANY committee chairmen who have the LOWEST conservative ratings among Texas Representatives.

Hate to  say “We Told You So”  to the Texas Reps who ran as ” true conservatives” and then lost their spines and voted for Joe Straus  BUT  We Told You So!  Good luck explaining that vote come time for re-election!

In particular, the vital State Affairs and Calendars committees are “ruled” by extremely moderate Straus henchmen.   Click HERE to view the 2013 House Committee Appointments.


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